What can you expect to gain ? Bench and flight tests have shown between 10% and 15% increase in power over a non Cryo sprayed motor however that is only half the data . The real advantage is how long the motor can produce that peak power number.

Typically a motor with about 1800g of thrust will drop to 1700g within 5 seconds on a bench test and sub 1600g within 20seconds at WOT if it makes it thst far without heat soaking and completely failing due to burnt windings.


When Cryo is used this is not the case, the power figure at 20 seconds is almost identical as in the first 5 seconds and depending on ambient temperature the motor delivers close to peak power for 40- 50 seconds (before heat soak begins and the heat soak effect starts to take take place). In a non static "in flight" test the effect last linger again before heat soak becomes a factor.


This all adds up to around 1 minute of higher performance at which time the motor is at ambient temperature and a further minute before the motor is at the same operating temperature realised by a motor subjected to the same duty cycle without Cryo. This is 2 minutes of flight with a higher power , so essentially an entire flight depending on battery size.


The second advantage is efficiency ! By lowering the temperature of the stator and windings internal resistance is close to half that of the same windings at ambient temp of +30°C meaning not only do you get more power you also use less battery to achieve that power giving longer run times and less amp draw over that first 40 - 60 seconds of flight.


As a side bonus every time you spray the motor with Cryo spray you are also Cryogenically tempering the aluminium , titanium and steel components of the motor. Cryogenic tempering is used on many products such as drill bits and hardened tools etc , while this is generally done at sub -200°c to achieve total effect is is true that every degree achieved below 0°c will have some effect in this area by further aligning the grain structure within the metals making them stronger and more robust.

Can you use the Cryo spray with other brands ? The short answer is yes but this comes with a disclaimer .. In tests we have conducted with other motor brands there is a high failure rate in metal components , magnet slip , windings and stator de-lamination, so use at your own risk with other brands not specifically manufactured to work with Cryo.